Analytics Content

In addition to my usual blogging, I’ve been trying to mix in more examples of interactive reports and data analysis through use of Tableau Public. Here is a full list of interactive dashboards that I have created with a brief explanation of each:

Interactive Analysis of Fan Cost Index

On this interactive dashboard, you can dig into Fan Cost Index across league, team, venue and more across almost 20 years of data.

North American Venues for U.S. Sports Properties

Based on a data set from the Department of Homeland Security, this dashboard provides location and size data for all major venues used by American league and teams across North America.

Interactive Analysis of Team Twitter Accounts

This was my analysis of how teams across the big-five league is North America use their Twitter bio and other key accounts settings to share brand information and engage fans.

Interactive Analysis of Australia and New Zealand Team Twitter Accounts

This is another version of my Twitter Account analysis above, but focused on teams and leagues in Australia and New Zealand.