Infographic Friday: The Billionaire Club and Soccer’s Gender Wage Gap

Time for another edition of Infographic Friday, and this week we have two very relevant sports business infographics to share, courtesy of Statista.

1. The Billionaire Club Bosses

This infographic shows the number of billionaire owners by sport across the globe. While there has been a lot of focus around money being spent in Asia, North America still far and away dominates when it comes to the wealth of club owners.

Infographic: The Billionaire Club Bosses | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

2. Soccer’s Embarrassing Gender Wage Gap

This infographic shows the total annual salary of the top-7 women’s soccer leagues in 2017 compared to the salary of a single high-profile male player, specifically Neymar at PSG. While of course there are major revenue differences to take into account that impact the available funds for salaries, it still goes to highlight the degree of disparity. Even here in the US, the total salary of the entire NWSL is only $5.4M, well below the salary of many individual male players.

Infographic: Soccer's Embarrassing Gender Wage Gap | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

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