Infographic Friday: Instagram and Protests

Time for another edition of Infographic Friday, and this week we have two very relevant sports business infographics to share, courtesy of Statista.

1. League Attention on Instagram

This takes a look back at the last 13 months of Instagram hashtag usage across the big four U.S. leagues, noting when championship game are taking place. Interesting to see how much more success the NBA has had in this channel.

Infographic: Which Sports League Sees the Most Action on Instagram? | Statista

2. Player Protests

It’s impossible to avoid this topic, so rather than get into my personal views on the subject, here is a quick chart showing the difference in public opinion around player protesting vs. Trump’s stance on player protesting

Infographic: What Are the Rules of Conduct in Sportive Protest? | Statista

You can find many more statistics and charts across a variety of topics at Statista