Fan First at the SBJ Momentum Sports Marketing Symposium

sbjsmsBack in September, I had the chance to participate at the SBJ Momentum Sports Marketing Symposium as the host for several video podcasts with various conference speakers across the two days of the event. I’m excited to share those interviews with you here – we were able to cover a variety of topics, including eSports, analytics, ROI, VR, retail, wearables, fan engagement and more.

Use the playlist control on the top left of the embedded player to see all the videos in this collection, or click here to access the playlist on YouTube. The list includes:

  • How Wearable Tech is Impacting the Fan Experience with Richard Black (Chief Marketing Officer, NA, Momentum Worldwide) and Dan Fleetwood (VP, Global Sponsorships, SAP)
  • Understanding the Sports Fan with Deborah Curtis (VP, Global Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing, American Express) and Katie O’Brien (VP, Business Leadership, Momentum Worldwide)
  • How Can Brands Make Smart Decisions in Esports with Mike Sundet (SVP, Dir. Sports and Entertainment, Momentum Worldwide) and Jesse Wofford (Digital Brand Manager, Bud Light)
  • What’s the Sabermetric Approach for Marketing with Elena Klau (SVP, Dir. Strategy & Insights, Momentum Worldwide) and Jessica Gelman (CEO, Kraft Analytics Group)
  • Maximizing the Impact of Sports at Retail with Shaun Brown (SVP, Dir. CPG & Digital Retail, Momentum Worldwide) and David Palmer (Director, Partnership Marketing and Planning, Reese’s, Hershey Co)
  • The Fan First Future with Kevin McNulty (President & Chief Marketing Officer, Momentum Worldwide) and Ricardo Fort (VP, Global Assets & Partnerships, Coca-Cola)
  • Technology and Sports Marketing with Jason Alan Snyder (Chief Technology Officer, Momentum Worldwide) and Andrew Jenkinson (Director, Co-Founder, The vStream Group)