Changing Discounts for Cyber Monday

black-friday-cyber-mondayAlong with my annual tradition of tracking sports-related Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, I thought it was worthwhile to briefly discuss how the league-level merchandise offers changed over the course of the shopping weekend.

No Change:

  • MLS:
    • Black Friday: 20% Off (orders over $50)
    • Cyber Monday: 20% Off (orders over $25)
  • NFL:
    • Black Friday: 25% Off (orders over $50)
    • Cyber Monday: 25% Off (orders over $25)
  • Notes – while not terribly creative, it probably makes the most sense to not change the actual percentage discount so you don’t train your customers to skip Black Friday and wait for Cyber Monday. The small adjustment to the minimum order size won’t anger any Black Friday buyers and maybe expand the audience a bit on Monday. I imagine that sales will be pretty consistent across the entire weekend for both leagues.


  • MLB:
    • Black Friday: 20% Off + Free Shipping (all orders)
    • Cyber Monday: 25% Off (all orders)
  •  NBA:
    • Black Friday: 20%/25%/30% Off (based on order size of $25, $50 or $100+)
    • Cyber Monday: 25% Off (no minimum)
  • Notes – The small trade off by MLB between the extra 5% discount and free shipping (a $6 savings) allows them to have distinct offers with comparable value propositions. Similarly, only customers that spent between $25 and $49 with the NBA over the weekend would be disappointed to see the change in discount on Monday. I feel like the average purchase is most likely over $50 to begin with, so anchoring at the 25% for today’s sales makes sense.

Direct Change:

  • NHL:
    • Black Friday: 25% Off (orders over $25)
    • Cyber Monday: 30% Off (orders over $50)
  • Notes – This is the one that surprised me. Anyone who made any typical purchase with the NHL shop over the weekend would be disappointed to see that extra 5% off today (and they would almost definitely see the offer since a purchase would add you to their email marketing efforts). You may think that this doesn’t matter, but even if customers are used to this type of situation, it does make them think twice when shopping next year. Maybe they wait to see what the Cyber Monday offer is, and by waiting, there is always a chance they don’t buy anything since they are also likely to be spending money with other retailers earlier in the weekend. We don’t know why the NHL changed the offer – it’s possible that the Black Friday sales weren’t as strong as expected and a larger discount could generate a lift, or maybe they looked as past consumer behavior and saw that different levels of discount worked better on different parts of the weekend.

Several teams also improved their ticket and merchandise discount offers from Friday to Monday. I know in the scheme of things, an additional 5% off is quite minor, but whenever you use promotional discounts to drive sales, it’s important to think about the impact it can have on buying behavior both now and in the future.