Rewards Case Studies from PBR and EMU

PBR-perkHere are two recent case studies from the Professional Bull Riders and Eastern Michigan Universiy, shared here courtesy of the FanMaker Blog. I liked the combination of these two examples because they show the versality of how rewards programs can benefit an organization. With the PBR example, you see a strong sponsorship value proposition while with EMU, they expanded an athletics-centered program into other aspects of the student experience.

How Professional Bull Riders Drive Fans to Sponsors on Event Day

Professional Bull Riders (PBR) has a broad range of sponsors (ex. US Bank, Kawasaki, Ford, and Boot Barn) that exhibit at their events and use FanMaker’s rewards system to incentivize fans to engage with their sponsors.

Sponsors use PBRewards to create more traffic and grant points to fans which can be redeemed instantly for prizes and dirt access after the show. The process is incredibly easy for fans.

  1. Sign up on a tablet kiosk
  2. Receive QR code via email and print
  3. Scan the QR code when they visit a sponsor’s booth
  4. Buy a prize in the Prize Store and pick up at the PBRewards table

All a fan needs to do is scan their PBRewards QR code at each sponsor’s booth they visit. After scanning their code, fans see points added to their PBRewards account in real-time.

This painless and easy system drives more fans to sponsors’ and gives fans the unique experiences they crave. The most sought-after prize allows fans dirt access following the show. Dirt access permits fans to meet the riders, walk where the action is, and create a lasting money can’t buy memory. Available at every PBR event, great prizes like these increase visits to sponsors will giving fans a unique experience. PBRewards is truly a win for everyone.

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5 Ways EMU Expands Rewards Beyond Athletics

At Eastern Michigan University (EMU) students are rewarded for attending activities beyond the typical athletic events. Here are some examples of extracurricular activities that EMU has added to My Eagle Rewards.

EMU-conference1. University-Hosted Events

Hosting a conference or career fair? Get students to come out to your event by rewarding points to those that attend. EMU has used this strategy to boost attendance for events like a Graduate Research Conference that they host at their university.

2. Theatre and Performing Arts

My Eagle Rewards also allows students to get points by attending various theater performances like Little Shop of Horrors. Working together with other university programs creates an important partnership able to increase attendance for both parties.

Academics has a done a good job of initiating [our Fanmaker reward system] and encouraging people to attend athletics events which help us reach students on all fronts.
Tony Orlando, Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing EMU

3. Lectures

EMU gives points to students that go to extracurricular lectures, like a “Women in Stem Panel Discussion”, which is an excellent way to boost attendance for guest lecturers at your university.

emu-advising4. Academic Advising

EMU uses their rewards system to incentivize students to go to academic appointments and career planning counseling. This is a good way to spread awareness and increase participation in your academic success programs.

5. Study Groups

Using micro-location beacons, promo codes and the My Eagle Rewards mobile app, EMU rewards students for visiting group study areas in the library. With all those extra points, students can win prizes like a Microsoft Surface or $500 bookstore gift card. This initiative has increased study group attendance and continued to promote athletics on campus.

Not only do [students that use the rewards system] perform stronger [academically] but they become more involved on campus.
Christine Deacons, Director of Academic Support Programs EMU

Through My Eagle Rewards, Eastern Michigan has increased academic success and participation in extracurriculars while driving increased attendance for sporting events.