Twitter Poll Results: Reactions, Technology and Millenials

I’ve started playing around more with Twitter Polls to get feedback from the #sportsbiz and #smsports communities. I thought it would be worthwhile to look at the results from a couple of recent ones.

The big, exciting release of Facebook Reaction was met with a collective yawn from most of you. I’m in agreement, and with the ever-increasing percentage of mobile Facebook use, I expect to see a very small percentage of responses to shift from a simple Like to another reaction type. Some teams have used the new icons in their own content or encouraged fans to use them, but not very much.

I sent this while I was at the IBM InterConnect conference, and the three options were three of the larger technology themes at the event. It seems clearly that the industry is much more concerned about the data than the infrastructure or operations side of things, which I understand. Ultimately it’s the data we can collect and generate insights from that is going to push our business forward the most. However, don’t forget we need that connectivity in order to make a lot of that newer data collection possible!

The National Sports Forum had a great panel on marketing to millenials, where all the panelists were logically millenials working in both brand and property-side roles. One of the panelists posed that a challenge in building a millenial marketing strategy is that the decisions aren’t being made by millenials, so I through this question out there. Based on the response, more than half of you are looking to a millenial demographic to guide this strategy.

Not a lot of insights for this one, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the volume of participants. If anything, I think this shows the value of using Twitter Polls during high traffic times to drive engagement.