Infographic Friday: Leaders Need to Know Facts About Sports Business

It’s time for another edition of Infographic Friday. Today’s content comes to us from Leaders in Sport who put together this interesting set of 26 “need to know” facts about sports business. It covers everything from industry revenue numbers, social media trends, television ratings, sponsorship spending, eSports and more. A couple of my favorite ones are:

  • Global sponsorship revenue is projected to reach $45 billion next year
  • NBC Universal expects to sell over $1 billion in advertising around the 2016 Rio Olympics
  • 49% of all tweets are about sports
  • The eSports industry is expected to grow at a 30% rate over the next 5 years

Check out the full infographic below or click here to see the original PDF version. You can also click here to learn more about their Sports Business Summit in London coming up in October.