Record Setting Digital Traffic for NFL Free Agency Frenzy

Time to take a deep breath! If you are a fan of an NFL team it’s been a busy couple of days as the NFL kicked off it’s new league year which started on March 10th at 4pm. You may have been tuned into ESPN or NFL Network or maybe listening to SiriusXM NFL radio but I bet you were also watching social channels and checking websites to see what your team was doing. Well the results are in and you were not alone.

In fact @InsideNFLMedia tweeted that the traffic for was the largest day for web traffic for an off-season, non-draft day for NFL digital properties. was hopping with all of the free agent and trade action. Not to be outdone, NBC’s Pro Football Talk set an ALL-TIME traffic record with 3.5 million visits and 7.9 million page views including over 1 million between 4-5pm when the legal signing period began.

A pair of trades including Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks and Sam Bradford to the Eagles on top of the free agent news helped build these numbers. The NFL was hoping the 3 day free agent discussion window would give the league this kind of action and coverage across media outlets and it is bearing fruit now. 2013 was the first year the “legal tampering period” was implemented and it’s grown every year in coverage.

NFL Players were tweeting as the transactions came flying in from all sources. Some expressing shock, others excitement. This about summed it up.

At one point other NFL related sites like and briefly crashed with traffic as fans flooded to see the ratings of players acquired and lost and how it affected their salary cap. It’s a new digital world out there NFL fans and you are paying attention.

Mike Mahoney

Mike Mahoney is a sponsorship sales executive based out of Charlotte, NC with nearly 10 years of sponsorship sales experience. Prior to selling in the sports world he worked in major account sales at FedEx and SAP. You can follow him on Twitter (@mahoney) or connect on LinkedIn.