The Only Real Game

I was recently contacted by local, long-time sports marketing executive Randye Ringler about a film project she’s been involved with, a humanitarian baseball documentary called “The Only Real Game.” Here is a quick summary of what the film is about and the official trailer.

THE ONLY REAL GAME is a fighters’ and dreamers’ story about the magic of baseball for people in a remote and troubled place. Once princely Manipur, a strife-torn border state in northeast India, defies civil war, drugs, gun traffic, and HIV/AIDS through love of our national pastime. Dreams chase reality in this ancient region when a small group of baseball-loving New Yorkers, and two Major League Baseball Envoy coaches, team up with Manipuri men, women and children to “Play Ball.” It’s a far away story that brings us to the heart of the great American Game, or as Babe Ruth put it, “the only real game in the world.”

Baseball was brought to India in WWII by our GIs stationed there to fly critical supplies over “The Hump” of the Himalayas. The men, women and children of Manipur have been playing ever since in defiance of martial law, armed insurgent groups and dire circumstances. Our charity enlisted MLB to send coaches recently to help this war-torn, isolated state in northeast India. Winner of the American Spirit Award from the Sedona Film Fest, you’ll be so moved watching the MLB coaches work with the Manipuri coaches and players – including the women! What MLB and filmmaker Mirra Bank have accomplished here is life-changing for the Manipuris and a tribute to the positive value of sport!

If you live in the New York area, you can catch a screening of the film now through Thursday, November 13 at Quad Cinema (34 W 13th St # B, New York, NY 10011) with five shows playing daily. As a special bonus for our readers, just say “Play Ball” at the Box Office for discounted $6 tickets! For more information on the film, visit