Infographic Friday: Red Sox Twitter Audience

It’s time for another edition of Infographic Friday, and this one comes to us from StatSocial via (click here for their original post and analysis).

Now I have seen LOTS of infographics that essentially just list a bunch of teams and show how many Twitter followers and/or Facebook fans they have, which to me is not very interesting. This led to the following tweet from yesterday:

So this morning, when I was looking for content for a new infographic to publish, I almost overlooked this one because it looked like another generic list of audience size. However, in taking a closer look, the folks at StatSocial were using a proprietary measure called “Twitter Pull” to try and demonstrate not just the size of a team’s audience but their actual influence and popularity compared to a league average. You can click here to view a larger PDF version of this infographic with additional statistics at


From there, they did a deeper dive specifically into the Boston Red Sox (@redsox) with some demographic breakdowns and other interesting consumer preferences around food, alcohol, celebrities, cars, newspapers and more.


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  • November 7, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    And GO Sox

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