Never an Offseason in Social Media

Just stumbled onto this great “dialogue” between a few NHL social media accounts having a lot of fun in spite of it being the offseason. No commentary needed, just enjoy!

One thought on “Never an Offseason in Social Media

  • September 3, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    among the three @canadiensMLT is the only who truly gets how to get the most exposure out of one tweet.
    “If you have a tweet that you want the world to see, you should not start the tweet with an @ symbol.

    Twitter recognizes this as a reply, part of a larger conversation. As such, these tweets are hidden by default in a number of places around the network, including the redesigned profiles.

    The new Twitter timeline filters create distinct views of tweets, tweets plus replies, and tweets with photos and videos. (…)
    So if you want to ensure that your content is reaching the masses, be careful about when and how you use the @ symbol. And if you do start your tweet an @, be sure to place a period as the first character.”


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