Manchester United Investor Presentation

One of the benefits from a sports team being publicly owned and traded is the ability to learn more about their financials and business model. So when I saw this Manchester United Investor Presentation on Twitter (thanks @BOSSummit and @sportinaus), I had to share it here. Here are some of the important items included in the report, and I encourage everyone to read the entire presentation below.

  • The global breakdown of their social audience, especially in Asia
  • The tremendous growth in commercial revenue, going from 27% to 42% of their business since 2007
  • The USA is the fastest growing Premier League TV market in the world
  • The value of their shirt sponsorship compared to other top global soccer brands
  • The differences in Nike’s strategy compared to Adidas, along with the increase in value
  • Summary financials for revenue, EBITDA, cash flow and player expenses
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