Infographic Friday: Soccer Fan Social Media Habits

It’s time for another edition of Infographic Friday. Today’s submission comes to us from IMG Consulting who researched the social media habits of soccer fans in the US compared to Brazil. Here are some key findings from the study:

  • It’s all about Facebook in Brazil, with the social network being far and away the most consumed overall, and by a 2-1 margin on match day.
  • In Brazil, 9/10 fans are more likely to take action (purchase) if they “like” or follow a brand. That is 20% higher than in the US.
  • American soccer fans engage with YouTube at a 28% higher rate than Brazilian fans.
  • Americans are 24% more likely than Brazilians to follow a brand on social media if they are offering a discount.

“We continue to pay close attention to the ever-evolving social media landscape to gain valuable insights that help us best advise our clients,” said David Abrutyn, Senior Vice President, Global Managing Director, IMG Consulting. “Avid soccer fans are engaging on social media during the World Cup like never before and this study confirms international brands need to target their social platform advertising efforts based on their consumers’ country of origin.”


One thought on “Infographic Friday: Soccer Fan Social Media Habits

  • June 28, 2014 at 11:13 pm

    I think this speaks more to twitter’s market presence in Brazil rather than a difference in soccer fans’ use of social media.

    I would guess that if twitter’s market presence in Brazil was equal to where twitter is in the US, the Brazil figures above would more closely mirror the US.

    Guessing the only way to chec my thesis would be to see this cross-referenced against the penetration of twitter in Brazil.

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