#SBWeek 2014

Building on the success of #SBNight 2013, we are excited to announce #SBWeek 2014!


UPDATE: #SBWeek is off and running! Check out our #SBWeek Tagboard to follow all the action, and use the links below to register. Space is still available in several cities, but we are asking everyone to get their tickets online in advance so we can manage capacity with the various venues. Thanks for the support! 

We are hosting sports business networking events across the country and the world all throughout the week of March 24th. This is a great opportunity to come out and network with other sports business professionals that work or live in your area. All backgrounds are welcome, from those just starting out to industry veterans. The format of the evening is very casual – 2-3 hours of open networking over drinks with your industry peers. All of our events are listed on our Eventbrite Tickets page at thebusinessofsports.eventbrite.com, and each city will have its own direct link below.

Tickets for these events are $5 each, with 100% of this money being donated to UNICEF. We want to make it clear that we are not looking to make any money from these events. The goal is the same as it has always been – to help fellow members of the sports business community connect with one another. However, one of the best parts about working in this industry is how charitable it is and how sports can be used to support the community. Our goal is to donate all of this money to UNICEF’s Sport for Development (S4D) program. You can learn more about it at www.unicef.org/sports.

View our current list of dates and cities below:

Monday, March 24

Tuesday, March 25

Wednesday, March 26

Thursday, March 27

Friday, March 28

Please pass this along to any friends and colleagues that would also be interested in attending. The more word spreads, the more value every event has to those that attend. Remember, there is one “rule” for these events – no resumes. This event is all about networking and making valuable connections, so bring plenty of business cards and good conversation, but please, no resumes. And make sure to use the hashtag #SBWeek to help spread the word via social media!

A very special thanks to Joshua Duboff from TheSportsBusinessExchange.com who is helping out with all of the #SBWeek planning. There is no way we could pull this off without all of his hard work.

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