Infographic Friday: Coyote Ugly

It’s time for another edition of Infographic Friday. Today’s submission comes to us from the Vancouver Canucks, who didn’t have a great game last night, losing 1-0 at home against the Phoenix Coyotes. As part of their “Game at a Glance” story, they including the infographic below, titled “Coyote Ugly” (thanks to @WePlayCo for the heads-up on this).

In general, I like the inclusion of infographics as part of a game recap content strategy, but I can’t recall seeing a team use this type of self-deprecating humor in describing a negative outcome. Even their fan tweet of the game is surprisingly negative. I give them a lot of credit for honesty in acknowledging a poor performance, rather than superficial spin that I think some PR (or team operations) departments would insist on, but my question to you is, does this go a little too far beyond simple honesty? Is this something your team would be comfortable publishing?