Impact of Losing Lindsey Vonn

It was just announced today that Lindsey Vonn will not be competing in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics due to her injury. That let me to post a PopTip survey via Twitter asking how this will or will not impact the TV ratings for the women’s skiing events. Pleas use the PopTip survey form below to share your opinion via Twitter and I’ll also add some of the best responses below. Thanks!


  • From @theBouker: #alittle to #notatall – the NBC marketing machine and the nature of American pride tied to Olympics will win out.
  • From @TheSportsinista: #alot Julia Mancuso needs to step up as America’s darling for ratings to even be half of what Vonn brings to the table
  • From @BrianHConnolly: #notatall – Olympic brand is much bigger than any individual. Olympics is nightly viewing for households & new stars are created every night!