Simple Social Response

Just a small post today featuring what I think is a great example of a sports-oriented brand extending into the social conversation to support their marketing strategy.

Last week, @InstantRiyaPlay sent out a funny tweet regarding Clay Matthews’ thumb injury, referencing his endorsement deal with Campbell’s Chunky Soup. Campbell’s smartly noticed the tweet and sent a simple but appropriate response. See the tweets below:

There’s nothing overly fancy or challenging about this, but it does show a brand actively monitoring the conversation, identifying an opportunity where a consumer has created a fun message that’s aligned with their brand positioning and jumping in to socially engage.

Now this particular tweet did not get any additional replies and only had one retweet, but that’s ok. Every time they do try to engage this way, they create a valuable moment with that individual consumer and another opportunity for a message to potentially spread to a wider audience.

Side Note: Thanks to Riya (@InstantRiyaPlay) for letting me share this. She’s an up-and-coming sport management student at University of Minnesota with a passion for CRM and database marketing. Hire her!