Panathenaic Stadium

As we approach the start of the NFL season, with millions of fans visiting some of the world’s largest and most modern stadiums, I thought it would be fun to look back in time at one of the original sports venues – Panathenaic Stadium. These pictures were taken by my friend and former colleague Michael Barrett. Here are some quick notes from him on the photos:

Panathenaic Stadium is pretty incredible and the most impressive sight I’ve seen so far. It was built in 329 B.C. entirely of marble and was the site of the first Olympics in 1896. There are 25 rows, then a “concourse” and then 24 more rows to the top. It’s quite challenging to walk to the “second deck.” Check out the picture of the stairs between the two levels….7 high steps literally straight up with no rails. I love the “owner’s suite” – two seats for the King and Queen on the 50. And the tunnel to the “locker rooms” is pretty impressive. It’s amazing and baffling that this was all engineered 2400 years ago.


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