Dallas Mavericks – Parody Kings

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the most creative teams when it comes to funny YouTube videos, with extra emphasis on creating parodies of commercials, movie and other popular content. Their most recent one, a Geico ad parody included below, has been making the rounds on Twitter the past few days.

A well-made parody can be very effective in driving engagement and the right combination of humor and timing can make it go viral very quickly. Take a look below for some of the Mavericks’ best work, or click here for their full YouTube page.

“Guess what day it is?” (Geico “Hump Day” parody) –> Update: Click here to watch a special behind-the-scenes video of the Mavericks filming this parody.

“Reservoir Mavs” (Reservoir Dogs parody)

“Mavs Fight For Ultimate Glory” (mash-up of movie fight scenes):

“Dirk Dynasty” (Duck Dynasty parody):

“Building A Team” (Super Bowl ad parody):

“The Dallas Mavericks are Sexy…AND THEY KNOW IT!” (LMFAO parody):

Super Marion Bros. (Super Mario parody w/ Shawn Marion):

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  • September 4, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Thanks for sharing this collection. It’s always fun to see how creative athletes can get in their engagement on social media sites like YouTube. My fave from your list has to be Super Marion Bros. Fun post and great blog!

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