Turnkey Intelligence Webinar Replay

Turnkey-Intelligence_white-bgYesterday afternoon, Turnkey Sports hosted an excellent webinar on targeted marketing, featuring insights and case studies from three organizations, and they have been nice enough to let me share those presentations with you. In order to view each SlideRocket presentation, you have to provide your name and email address, but I highly encourage you to do so. For each one, you need to click to Slide 2 to start the audio/video feed. Enjoy!

Part 1: Steve Fanelli and Ankit Behl, Executive Director, Ticket Sales & Operations and Ticket Sales Analyst at the Oakland Athletics, discussed the A’s approach to segmenting their existing database, and outbound marketing efforts for sales campaigns and game-day promotions.

Part 2: Matt Biggers, Chief Marketing Officer at the University of Colorado, shared how Colorado uses targeted marketing to meet annual sales goals, and discussed the implementation of staffing and sales culture changes.

Part 3: Chris Zeppenfeld, Director, Database Marketing at the Charlotte Bobcats, spoke on how his team has ‘made the case’ for targeted marketing, the Bobcats best practices, and the importance of measuring the success of targeted marketing campaigns.

 Click here for more information on this webinar or to download copies of the presentation decks.