Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

LemonadeBack in April of 2009, I wrote a post called “The Washington Natinals?” that came about because the Washington Nationals played a game with a misspelling on their own jerseys. The main idea of the post was, rather than trying to throw blame around or bury the story, I thought there were multiple ways the team could turn a negative into a positive. Well, there were two more stories this week where I think the same principle can and should be applied.

Story 1: “Astros vendor brings snow cones into bathroom stall, gets fired”

So the idea of a vendor bringing their tray of food into a bathroom stall is clearly quite disgusting, and firing the vendor had to happen. But now that the staff issue was addressed, they have to turn back to the fans and replace this story with something positive. To me, the easiest way to do this is to make this weekend “Free Snow Cone Weekend” and give away as many snow cones as they can. Let’s face it, I think it’s fairly safe to assume snow cone sales might dip for a little while, but making it a give away can overcome that negative feeling and becomes a great gesture to their fans.

Story 2: “Screengrab Snafu: The Royals Graphics Department is Just Giving Up”

Take a look at this video board from a Royals game:

Credit: AwfulAnnouncing.com

This “lemon” is more like the “Natinals” story. With the mix-up in both the team logos and the players’ names, you almost have to laugh about this, and that’s exactly what the Royals should do. They need to ask themselves, “OK, so we made a mistake – how can we have fun with this?” What about creating a new between-innings game on the videoboard where fans have to unscramble mixed up player names? Or a bobblehead night where they intentionally change the name of one of their own players? Of course, the player would also need to have a sense of humor for that one to go well. The point is that, rather than looking at this as a mistake that they need to hide, look at it as an opportunity to make your fans laugh and create a positive experience.