Safety and Security

I don’t really want to write much about what happened today, so I’ll keep it really short. First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by what happened today. Condolences to those that lost loved ones and a speedy recovery to those that were injured.

It’s really a sad thing that there are people in the world that would want to inflict harm like this on others, and maybe one day, this will change. The unfortunate thing about sporting events is that they can unfortunately present a target to these people, with lots of individuals gathered together in one place on a global stage. This is why security at all sporting events is so important and taken so seriously, from a local minor league game up to the Olympics and World Cup. JW Cannon on Twitter has already brought this up in two tweets:



He’s right – in a time where most venues already go to incredible lengths in their security procedures, it’s going to get even stricter and more detailed. So I have messages for two audiences:

1.  To those of you who work in security and facility operations – thank you. I know your job is going to get that much tougher, but these events cannot succeed is a safe manner without all that you do. Take every precaution and tell us what we need to do to keep things safe. We are listening and we need your expertise more than ever.

2.  To fans that attend games – be patient and understanding. Yes, pat downs, metal detector wands and bag checks can slow things down, and if you show up at the last minute, you might not get in on time. But the staff at these venues do what they do to protect everyone. Be calm, wait in line and listen to what they ask of you. And if you remember to think of it, thank them for protecting you.

Again, my thoughts and prayers to those affected by today’s events, and here’s to hoping it’s the last time we see something like this at a sporting event (or any event) ever again.