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Five for Friday – Tech Edition

Inspired by this week’s On Deck Conference (for which I will hopefully have a full recap post next week), here are five recent sports business articles with an extra emphasis on technology:

An app grows in Brooklyn with Cisco’s StadiumVision by Kevin McCall on SportsBusinessNow.com

“With integration into the arena’s app and exclusive video feeds available on mobile devices at live events, Cisco’s StadiumVision could become the standard in new sports facilities. The technology was unveiled at Barclay’s Center two weeks ago and included views from cameras around the home of the Brooklyn Nets built in to the mobile app…”

Mobile Inside Out by Chris Dill on The Migala Report

“We especially want connectivity when we go to sporting events for texting, calling home to check on the babysitter, checking email and looking at scores around the league. If something crazy happens like the lights go out at the event we may even tweet about it. We certainly would have taken pictures at the half time show in New Orleans to send to friends. In fact, when it comes to the sports space the mobile usage is growing so fast that the bandwidth is being out stripped at arenas and stadiums across the country…”

Score Your Dream Job at the Voice of XFINITY Sports by Brian Gainor on PartnershipActivation.com

“XFINITY is looking for the next amazing individual to take over the reigns as the XFINITY Sports Guy / Gal and take fans behind-the-scenes of the biggest stories in sports and social media in 2013. The winner will inherit the @XFINITYSports Twitter handle (with 13,000 followers) and deliver unique access / vantage points to fans from the biggest sporting events nationwide…”

10 Technologies Transforming Sports By Amy Grossman on Discovery.com

“Nowadays, it’s hard to tell the jocks from the geeks. Athletes capitalize on advances from engineering, material science, biomechanics, communication and information technologies to maximize training and performance. And brainiacs develop technologies that are transforming every aspect of sport, including coaching, judging, even the design of sports arenas and spectator experience…”

How the Tech Industry is Transforming #SportsBiz by Dave Neff on ExactTarget.com

“An interesting trend has begun to take shape in the business of sports: savvy professional sports teams are tapping Silicon Valley for their top talent. Speaking as one who made the reverse move – from the team side to working for a software company – I find this shift to be quite fascinating…”

You can also check out the #ondeck13 hashtag on Twitter for some of the content from this week’s event. Have a great weekend!