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NHL Lockout DMA Analysis by Fizziology

Yesterday, I received an interesting report by a company called Fizziology that did a deep-dive analysis of social media conversations surrounding the NHL lockout. Here is the quick overview of their report:

“This DMA Analysis looks at the social conversation toward the NHL Lockout over the last week. The analysis looks at the total social conversation and negative sentiment of the top 5 markets in both the US and Canada, to identify the market that is the most social engaged, and most negative toward the ongoing lockout in the NHL.

Fizziology listens to the “big 3” of social media: Twitter, Facebook and blogs. We use broad search terminology to gather all references to a tracked property. Trained analysts then read a statistical sampling of the total conversation to determine what is relevant conversation, grade sentiment (to 95% confidence, using a 2-tiered approach for accuracy) and flag conversation drivers.

The data is quantitative and should be looked at week-over-week. But the insights are qualitative, using the social conversation as a giant focus group to learn about audience reactions and perceptions.”

The report points out some interesting facts:

You can click here to download the PDF or read the full report below: