Gangnam Style Makes the Rounds

First it was “Call Me Maybe” but now it’s all about “Gangnam Style.” It seems like mascots in particular are having fun with this one, plus some fans are jumping in too. Enjoy, and if I’m missing any good ones, please let me know.

University of Oregon:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Orlando Magic:

Columbus Blue Jackets (thanks @BrianMakas)

Wisconsin Badgers (Fan Video: Badger Style)

University of Texas (Fan Video: Burnt Orange Tailgate)

Colorado Men’s Basketball Team:

Washington Nationals Presidents Race (thanks @SullaMandar):

NEW: Roy Hibbert and Area 55 Indiana Pacers Fans:

NEW: Dallas Mavericks – Whoop ‘Em Mavericks Style:

And some college marching bands are getting into the mix:

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