Over the Hump Video Blog from Kurt Esser

For those that don’t know him, Kurt Esser has a wealth of college athletics experience, starting back at Host Communications in 1996 up through today where he is a Senior Associate Athletic Director for the University of New Mexico. While at New Mexico, he’s also been actively involved with the NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Committee and NACMA (National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrator), including time as President from 2009-2011.

So, when Kurt decided to start a video blog called “Over the  Hump”, I decided I should watch and listen to what he has to say, and I think all of you should too. Kurt has great perspective when it comes to the different elements of a successful college athletics department, including department values, the student-athlete experience, managing relationships and building a career. And while most videos are specific to college programs, there are many takeaways that apply to all sections of the sports industry.

Here are a couple of recent video posts from Kurt. You can find the rest on his YouTube page, and you can follow him on Twitter at @kesser. Enjoy!