The “Call Me Maybe” Epidemic

One video might be a clever idea. Two videos could just be a copycat. But now we’re up to four five six several videos that I know of (and probably more that haven’t been discovered yet), so I think we’re officially in the midst of a trend when it comes to the “Call Me Maybe” lip sync /parody videos.

I got a kick out of the Harvard Baseball team version when it first came out (now over 14 million views!), but I have to say that the latest one featuring the Big Ten mascots is the best by far! Enjoy everyone’s take on this trend, and if new videos break through, I’ll add them to the links below (or add more links in the comments). I want to know which big-four professional team will be the first to jump in a release a video – I have a couple of guesses, based on who typically has the most fun with this type of trend.

Harvard Baseball:

Big Ten Mascots:

SMU Women’s Rowing:

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders:

More videos (links to each):

Update: New addition with a nice sales twist from the Trenton Titans of the ECHL – Love this!

Thanks to the folks over at BTN for their story yesterday, which inspired this post.