2012 NHL Playoffs Twitter Chatter

Time for another infographic – this one comes to us courtesy of The Score’s Backhand Shelf hockey blog (via Mashable). Interesting takeaways that I see:

  • Much more activity in the first round from Eastern Conference teams – I think this is both because of the size of the markets and having more traditional hockey markets involved
  • The Kings clearly dominated the Devils comparatively in the Finals, but both showed a tremendous level of social activity
  • The Flyers had what would appear to be a random spike in activity right at the end, but this could be due to the Kings having several former Flyers on their roster.
  • Even though they didn’t make it past the first round, the Bruins were still the top social team in the East in total mentions. I don’t have a good explanation for that one, and the timeline graph doesn’t seem to quite match up.
  • Claude Giroux’s tremendous playoff performance helped make him the top mentioned player. This also coincided with his run to the “finals” of EA’s NHL ’13 cover contest.