Five For Friday – March Conference Edition

In the past, we used to have regular “Five for Friday” columns that featured five interesting or valuable links for the week. I’m going to start bringing this back more often with all different types of lists. Today, I’m going to highlight five excellent sports business conferences coming up in March that you should look into – as you can see, we are definitely in the midst of “conference season!”

(NOTE: there are LOTS of excellent conferences out there, so please do not be offended if your event is not on this list. I’m happy to add all upcoming conferences to the Event Calendar page, so please reach out to me if your event is not listed there.)

Remember, this is only a list of  events coming up next month. Throughout the year, there are many excellent conferences out there for all different backgrounds and budgets. I will try to list as many of them as I can on the Event Calendar and in future “Five for Friday” posts.