An Interesting Font Selection

I was riding on a subway in New York last night and saw an advertisement that caught my interest. Take a look at the picture below…

If you are from the New York area, you might see this ad and “recognize” the font being used for the word “YES.” If it doesn’t look familiar to you, take a look at this logo:

Now, I know that they’re not exactly the same (e.g. there is a diagonal slant in the tips of the “E” in the YES Network logo that’s not in the Nestea ad), but you have to admit there’s a definite resemblance. The question I have is, was this font choice intentional? Considering the advertisement is running in a New York subway and the popularity of the Yankees and the YES Network in this area, this could be a strategic decision by Nestea or their advertising agency, especially if this is only a local campaign (the argument doens’t hold as much weight if this is part of a national campaign).

It costs a lot of money to use a team’s logo, but designing an advertisement in a way that can still trigger an association in the mind of the reader without including any actual team marks could be a cost-effective option. In many situations, a particular font or word choice can be enough to trigger that association. I’m not saying that’s what Nestea was going for here, but the font choice was definitely enough to make me think of the YES Network, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

One thought on “An Interesting Font Selection

  • July 21, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Quite the observation, Russell. Talk about attention to detail. As a big Yankees fan, I certainly see the resemblance. It would be interesting to find out whether that ad was predominantly showcased in the tri-state area. If Nestea did do it intentionally, it would be somewhat of a slap in the face, given that Yankee Stadium serves Pepsi products and Nestea is affiliated with Coca Cola.

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