Who Follows NHL Clubs on Twitter?

Coyle Media has created a great info-graphic providing insight into the demographics, behaviors and affinity of fans that follow NHL teams on Twitter. Take a look…

NHL Fans on Twitter

[Via Coyle Media]

Some of the items that I found to be most interesting were:

  • 78% attended at least one game, which is particularly impressive since only 68% live within the team’s metro area. These engaged Twitter users represent an important source of potential ticket revenue.
  • 87% check Twitter multiple times a day, but only about 1/3 of these users have used a geolocation service. While geolocation has a lot of potential, the adoption rate is still much slower than other forms of social media usage.
  • The fact that 88% are multi-screeners shows how much value fans see in social engagement as a key facet to the home viewing experience. The more that media outlets integrate social media, the better experience these viewers will have.

For more insights from Pay Coyle, including his thoughts on how this data relates to sponsorship potential, visit his blog post at CoyleMedia.com.

Update:  Coyle Media just released a similar info-graphic on Facebook usage – click below to view that one as well, or visit CoyleMedia.com for the complete blog post.

NHL Fans on Facebook

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  • July 19, 2011 at 9:11 am

    Thanks for sharing the graphic and adding your thoughtful insights! Just posted a second infographic…a companion to the first, showing how Facebook fans responded to the same club survey: http://coyle.me/n0JzJD

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