A Sponsor Message with Local Fit

In honor of today being opening day for MLB (and with the Yankees/Tigers game on in the background), I wanted to share one of my favorite local sports sponsor commercials. Watch this Avis ad that runs in the New York market on the YES network:

Avis is a national brand that has sponsorships with many sports organizations, so they could easily stick to their overall brand message in their Yankees in-broadcast commercials. However, that would not maximize the value of their sponsorship. They recognized that connecting with a fun, local tradition in Yankee Stadium while simultaneously poking a little fun at Boston will let their advertisement resonate more with the local viewership.

In addition, on their closing screen, they feature the statement, “Not Just Corporate Sponsors. Fans.” This seals in the notion that Avis really knows what it means to be a Yankees fan. This helps break down the barrier that can exist between a standard corporate message and the fans that the sponsor is trying to reach.

Avis has several of these ads, which you can find on YouTube, and I’m sure other local sponsors in different markets use similar tactics. If you have a particular example that you really like, share the link in the comments. Thanks!

One thought on “A Sponsor Message with Local Fit

  • March 31, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    This is CLASSIC! For branding, I LOVE this commercial. I can’t stop watching it!

    If you are a true Yankee Fan, you’ve got to tip your hat to AVIS. And I Like The Tagline…Not Just Corporate Sponsors. Fans!



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