Promoting Employee Success

I tend to be a fan of many of the business initiatives that the Phoenix Suns put together. They are a very creative, forward-thinking organization, and that comes through in their marketing, service and digital media efforts.

Last week, someone on Twitter (update: Thanks Emily Huddell!) sent out a link to the Phoenix Suns New Business Team website. The website, branded with the header “Where All-Stars Happen,” is an HR/recruiting site promoting the opportunity to work on the Suns’ sales and business development team.  Many organizations will simply post their sales openings on a page or job board, knowing that they will get a tremendous number of applications for the position no matter what. For the Suns, having a website dedicated to promoting the benefits of being part of their sales team shows the value they place on recruiting top talent at every level of their organization, and this can be a great asset in building a quality staff. I have had the chance to work with a few former Suns employees, and have always come away quite impressed.

In particular, the section of this site that I like the most is the “Where career growth happens” page. Here, the Suns have highlighted how members of their sales team have gone on to succeed in bigger positions, some still with the team and some with other organizations. I like how proud they are of the success that their employees have had, and it emphasizes how their organization can help launch a person’s career.

If I was a potential applicant, seeing a website like this would really encourage me to try and become a part of their organization. It helps to instill passion, build confidence and motivate applicants to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Promoting Employee Success

  • February 16, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    It was me who initially posted it on Twitter. Isn’t it a great idea? I found the page totally by accident, and love the concept.

  • February 18, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    Thanks Emily! I remember now and agree, it’s a great concept. Simple to execute with lots of value.

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