The Tweet-Take on Dan Gilbert’s Letter

Rather than just presenting my individual opinion on Dan Gilbert’s letter to Cavaliers fans (I’m actually quite torn on it), I decided to go to some of the sports business and PR professionals on Twitter for their take. Here’s what they had to say on the subject:

From SternalPR: I get why Gilbert wrote the letter, but you can defend your city and instill confidence in a more tactful way & avoid silly promises

From ChrisFreet: Agree or disagree with Dan Gilbert’s open letter, there is no disagreeing with his honesty. It’s interesting that some media are bashing Gilbert. Media want honesty, not PR spun letter, yet they are still hammering him

From KyleJudah: A little petulant move but so was Lebron’s. Cavs fans I know seem to use it as a rallying point, so got the job done. Very ballsy.

From MarcusAHall: Whether or not you agree with his comments is one thing but I commend him for taking a stance and making a statement.

From PUBLISIDE: Gilbert should have slept on the language. Even if he was still that angry in the a.m., he may have rethought and crafted the letter with less venom. He will likely regret the tone for fans’ sake.

From mmahoney13: Gilbert’s passion was the right tone for partners and season ticket holders but he went a little over the top with cowardly.

From MarcIsenberg: Way to take the high road, Dan Gilbert. Abe Lincoln waited 48 hrs before sending because he didn’t want to write emotionally.

From Aharris101: I understand Gilbert was upset, but still think he should have handle it more in a professional way….he should’ve slept through

From AmandaRykoff: If I didn’t know that letter from Dan Gilbert was real, I’d think it was a joke. Of epic proportions.

From IsaacBearg: Cavs fans were pissed and I imagine wanted their owner to show he knows how they feel… it was a bit much but I don’t mind it

I’ll continue to update this with additional tweets as they come in. In the meantime, please share your own take on the letter in the comments!

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