Sports Fan Graph from Coyle Media

Last week, I found out about the new Sports Fan Graph tool that was developed by Coyle Media. The idea is pretty straightforward and effective.  Through their website, you can view social media rankings for most major sports leagues and teams based on their quantity of Twitter and Facebook followers. You can try out the service by visiting

To try and make the service even more valuable, you can apply filters based on the sport, league, conference or (coming soon) geographic location. All of the data is sortable by overall rank, team name, Twitter followers and Facebook followers, and it is refreshed regularly so everything is up to date. There are also quick links to view any specific organization’s official Twitter or Facebook page.

Now we all know there is a lot more to social media that the sheer quantity of fans and followers that an organization has, but this data is a good indicator of what organizations have made a strong commitment to social media and what brands have a deep, interactive connection to their fans. Besides just checking to see what your organization’s  “rank” is, this tool can be used to look up comparable teams (geography, market size, brand affinity, sport, etc), see how you compare, and then jump over to their actual Twitter and Facebook sites to look for specific tactics that have helped (or hurt) that team’s social media success. Overall, a very cool service by Coyle Media, and one I expect to see grow even more over time.

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  • May 24, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Thanks for mentioning this new tool. It’s very early thin the game. We’re still loading in team URLs and setting up shop. Down the line we hope to make it possible for visitors to play with the data at a deeper level, and we hope people will share insights as we all seek to better understand what drives fan engagement in the social realm.

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