Tiger Woods Press Conference Reactions

Rather than just giving you my opinions of the Tiger Woods press conference from this morning, I decided to ask everyone on Twitter what they thought. I felt that this would be a more accurate gauge of how the public viewed his statements. Feel free to share your response in the comments below, and thank you to everyone that responded to my Twitter request!

  • sportsarizona – Tiger reax: An acting performance that would have made William Shatner proud.
  • Stefmara – I didn’t watch! Haven’t cared about this story since the news broke back around Thanksgiving that he cheated.
  • 7thWoman – “insincere.”
  • khuda1 – Narcissistic
  • MeganCassidy – I like that he apologized and defended Elin, I didn’t like how it was delivered at all. Message was right, not the presentation
  • js_bizofsports – A heavily-scripted yet ultimately fascinating performance by Tiger Woods. Not necessarily effective, but riveting.
  • sports_business – who cares? 1st step to return to normalcy. Time/performance will make him like everyone else (Lewis, Phelps, Kobe, etc.)
  • amandarykoff – My take on the Tiger statement: “I screwed up. I got caught. And now I need to say these words.” Blah blah blah.
  • nikegoal – it was artificial & hollow, carefully calculated by team Tiger, lack of a true human touch
  • EdisonLeeTook a half step forward, TW will still need to answer questions – press won’t be satisfied w/ the staged presser
  • IOnSportsMedia – “He did what he had to do as part of his “recovery” process (i.e. apologize), so only time will tell”
  • mmahoney13 – Tiger’s anger was believeable, if not poorly timed, but his apology was not believable.. Just play golf please
  • jhalitsky – Sure, he’s robotic. We knew that. Did every1 really expect a charismatic Tiger to magically show? Didn’t love it, but w/in expecs
  • SteveDittmore – I see lot of vitriol to Tiger’s speech. What is that ppl wanted him to say? Or, is it reaction to delivery and sterile delivery?
  • Anita_Lobowasted opportunity i.e. going through the motions drags Tiger’s image a few notches lower #sportsbiz #tiger / on the other hand now that the apology is done; let’s get back to #golf!
  • WesleyMallette – Perfect today? No. Starting point? Yes. He owned it. Addressed most important issues. Now? Time to rebuild. Most important comment? Owning the money, power, fame and entitlement issue.

4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Press Conference Reactions

  • February 19, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    I haven’t commented here in awhile… so figures I comment on Tiger.

    I don’t care about him or what ever he said. I didn’t turn it on and when I had a chance to watch it I turned it off.

    Is he trying to get back into the game? Is it any of our business? I think if you are a high profile athlete your personal life is up for grabs.

    I personally prefer hockey so I really don’t care what happened.

  • February 21, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Honestly…it was lame. agree with the user above who stated the message was right..presentation was wrong…the problem is he got it wrong…this was very clearly an attempt to protect a BRAND…and the acting was horrible…seriously, the ill-timed shaking of the head was atrocious…next time he ought to kick the advisors to the side and just own up like a man, if that’s what he wants to do..

  • February 21, 2010 at 9:17 am

    you ought to do an analysis of the coverge and see who gave him glowing remarks..uh…every ESPN analyst out there…which is ridiculous and only serves to accentuate the contrived nature of this spectacle…in fact, there was one over-eager ESPN analyst who suggested the importance and size of this apology event by saying one day down the road, years from now, people will look back and ask, where were you when Tiger apologized…seriously? get a grip on yourself ESPN

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