Opportunity to Fill Tiger’s Void

Callaway LogoYes, this post has to do with Tiger Woods, but not in the same manner as most of the other stories circulating out on the Internet. I want to quickly address the unique opportunity that Tiger’s absence is creating in the business landscape for golf. Beyond the basic idea that other golfers will have a better chance of winning and building up their own brand, this is an incredible chance for equipment manufacturers that are NOT endorsed by Tiger to step up and gain market share.

For example, I saw this Phil Mickelson/Callaway commercial twice this weekend (click here to view the video).

I believe one time I saw it during a Sunday NFL game, which is an expensive time slot. Now I don’t remember seeing many Callaway commercials over the past few months, so hopefully this is an example of Callaway realizing that Nike is vulnerable right now. By committing more money to their advertising spend, I believe that this will be their best chance to steal market share from Nike. This same approach can be taken from any other golf club, ball or apparel manufacturer.

Hopefully all of these non-Tiger-endorsed golf companies are reevaluating their media spend budget and schedule right now. How many opportunities like this will they get to make a big dent in their competition?

One thought on “Opportunity to Fill Tiger’s Void

  • December 22, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Great post, Russell!
    I think it’s an excellent perspective not to focus on the void but who will fill it. I think the underlying point that golf is where it is today because of Tiger, but its brand is realtively untarnished by Tiger’s ‘disgressions’ bodes well for non-Tiger sponsors to ride the coattails of success.

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