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Ryan said on November 27th, 2009 at 1:32 pm

Good points Amanda. It should also be said that Wigan are sitting in 16th, 3 points off of the relegation zone. It’s not as if ManU lost to that score.

But soccer in Europe is a different entity. Clubs recognize ‘supporters clubs’ and they are a part of the actual framework of the organization. Fans essentially have a say in the way things are run and clubs help engage the fans in day-to-day activities.

Soccer clubs in Europe have long realized that their fanbase is an absolute integral part of the club fabric. Without fans, your club no longer exists, end of story.

Look at what the Seattle Sounders are doing in MLS. Every 4 years you get to have a vote if the GM of the club is doing an ok job. If the majority of fans vote no, the GM is voted out and a new GM is put in place.

Now that is giving power to the fans.