Five for Friday- August 7, 2009

This week’s “Five for Friday” encompasses a lot of new. We feature the newest and possibly biggest Twitter story yet, the future end to Lowe’s Motor Speedway, and the new naming rights for the new Orlando Magic arena. We also cover the new Tennessee Volunteers  football recruiting billboards and the “party passes” that the new Dallas Cowboys stadium offers.

1. Twitter Ban Continues: ESPN Bans its Reporters From Sports-Related Social Media – Yesterday, ESPN NBA picture-31analyst Ric Bucher was the first source to notify the public that any ESPN on-air personnel can no longer use their twitter accounts as a personal means to express themselves. Now all ESPN employees must only tweet messages that serve ESPN as a business. What was Bucher’s choice of medium to deliver this message that ESPN implemented a new rigid social media policy? Twitter of course.

2. Lowe’s, speedway dispute report on nixed naming deal – Lowe’s Motor Speedway will be no more as reports have surfaced that Lowe’s no longer wants to renew the naming rights agreement with the Motor Speedway. This year will mark the final year of an 11 year long relationship between the race track and the construction parts company which had trouble reaching an agreement for an extension.

3. Amway to be new Orlando Magic arena name – same as the old – In the past the Orlando Magic’s old home court facility was referred to as Amway Arena. With the completion of  the Magic’s new $480 million arena,  Amway agreed upon a new $40 million contract that will give them the naming rights to the new building for the next ten years. The new facility, The Amway Center, is set to open in 2010.

4. Is Cowboys Standing Room A Smart Move? – The Dallas Cowboys new stadium cost 1.1 billion and has the capacity to hold 35,000 fans who won’t have a place to sit. On Monday the Cowboys released what they are calling “party passes” for sale which is a ticket into the stadium but that does not include a seat. The new stadium includes six party decks that are in the end zone areas for those fans who are willing to stand the entire game. The Cowboys organization feel these “party passes” could be one of the best deals the league has to offer.

tennessee-billboard25. “It’s Time”… to recruit in South Florida – We have discussed the University of Kentucky’s singing billboards that encourage you to tune your radio to a station that plays their fight song when you pass by and now we are taking notice of the Tennessee Volunteers new billboard that seeks out high school football talent in South Florida. The message, “It’s Time” shows the new head coach Lane Kiffin and defensive back Eric Berry and is directed at extending the Volunteers recruiting class message to a broader geographical area. The billboard has supposedly been placed in Atlanta and Memphis as well as near Fort Lauderdale.

One thought on “Five for Friday- August 7, 2009

  • August 9, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    Well I am not sure about the party deck and a football game. People are already tailgating as it is… Sounds like it could be a mess.

    BUT the standing room does work for the NHL, some baseball games, and the NBA. I am not sure in massive numbers as the football stadium will hold. I mean usually it is only a few thousand standing.

    From a venue stand point I think it could get a bit hairy.

    I am not sure how to comment about the ESPN. I think there are restrictions to what you can or can’t report in life. So they are just trying to keep there identity intact.

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