Using Facebook Fan Pages

logo_facebookFacebook is far and away the largest social networking community in existence, and as such, it is a prime location for sports organizations to communicate with their fans.  Most do this through fan pages, which are profiles that can be created on behalf of a company, team, website, product, celebrity or anything really.

Back in February, two of the top fifteen fan pages belonged to athletes, Michael Phelps at #7 (now over 2.5 million fans) and Cristiano Ronaldo at #12 (later shutdown for being “unofficial”).  When I tweeted yesterday asking for suggestions on teams that use Facebook well, one reply suggested the official Pittsburgh Penguins fan page, which has over 100,000 fans.  EA Sports has recently made a push into using Facebook Fan pages as well, creating pages for their different products such as Madden NFL 2010.  Even though it seems like Facebook is “old news,” the potential is still tremendous because they have over 200 million active users, of which over 50% log in at least once per day.  That audience size is simply too big to overlook.

So why are we talking about Facebook today?  Because we wanted to let you all know that The Business of Sports also has an official Facebook page. By becoming a fan on Facebook, you can see all of our latest sports business news and updates as part of your Facebook news feed. If you are on Facebook regularly (and from the statistics, about 50% of you probably are), this will give you a quick and easy connection to the blog. And once you become a fan of The Business of Sports Facebook page, you can invite any of your current Facebook friends to our page so they can keep up with the latest sports business news as well. The Facebook page also allows you to communicate with other fans of the site and maybe even connect with individuals that you met at one of our networking events. Finally, if you have suggestions on ways we can improve the page, please let us know by posting your ideas on our wall.  Thanks, and we’ll see you all on Facebook!