Midweek News and Links

newspapers-150x150I didn’t have time to put together a full post for you today, but here are a couple of quick sports business links that you should definitely take a look at:

  • The June 2009 Partnership Activation Newsletter: Brian Gainor from PartnershipActivation.com puts out a great monthly newsletter that covers many important topics and best practices in sports marketing, sponsorships and activation.  It’s a great supplement to all of the other valuable content he provides  regularly on his blog.
  • A Look Back at NACDA 2009: Joshua Duboff recently attended the NACDA/NACMA Conference (collegiate athletics and marketing)  in Orlando, and put together a recap of the conference on his blog. He covers topics such as social media, the economy, media rights, licensing and professional growth.
  • Reinsdorf to submit rival bid for Coyotes: More drama in Phoenix, as two dates have been set to auction the team. The date of the first auction is for bidders that plan on keeping the team in Arizona, but if that auction doesn’t produce a viable bid, then a second auction will take place that does not have the same geographic requirement. It seems that Jerry Reinsdorf will make a bid during the first auction, as he is willing to keep the team in Arizona.
  • Coyotes look to defrost season ticket sales: It’s hard enough to sell season tickets right now, let alone selling them for a team that almost just relocated to another city. With the recent court ruling making it likely that the team will stay in Arizona, the Coyotes are kicking off a new campaign to try and sell tickets. I wish their sales staff a lot of luck – it will definitely be a challenge for them with the team ownership still in limbo.
  • Benched: It looks like the proposed movie based on Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball has been put on hold right before shooting was supposed to start. I was never quite sure how that book was going to translate to the big screen, but up until this week, they had full studio support, a script, a cast and a crew. There’s no real indication right now as to how this will be resolved, but in the meantime, I think I’ll go back and give the book another read.