TWTRCON – Twitter Conference Recap

twitterThis past Sunday marked the first Twitter Conference ever which focused entirely on Twitter as a business platform. The conference which was referred to as TWTRCON, was held in San Francisco and featured an amazing panel of guest speakers ranging from Guy Kawasaki of AllTop, all the way to celebrities such as M.C. Hammer. Having been fortunate enough to attend such a conference, I felt I would summarize what I learned there in order to help those readers interested in using Twitter to further their business.

The conference began with a section called “Twitter for Business 101.”  Laura Fitton, the author of Twitter for Dummies, spoke about the true importance of your followers. She emphasized that it is not necessary to have 10,000 followers in order to make Twitter useful for your business. Instead she explained that it is important to have quality followers, and by that she implied followers that are in a field related to yours, or followers that have a similar interest. For example if you work as the head of the softball department for Easton, a design company and manufacturer of sports equipment, then the people you want following you on Twitter should mostly be female and 22 years of age or younger. Why? Because that is your target market for softball equipment and there is little need to have followers that don’t fit into that market. Fitton exclaimed multiple times not to waste your time trying to attain some superficial number of followers unless your market is very large and unspecific.

Guy Kawasaki spoke on “How Twitter Will change Your Tomorrow.” Kawasaki, whom everybody seemed to be fond of, wanted everyone to realize the potential of Twitter. With 30 million users, you have the ability to find a lot of people in very specific niches. In general you also have the ability to connect with the world quickly and easily so it is important to be very careful of your tweets. You have to be aware of “ghost tweeters,” which are people managing Twitter accounts for you or for others you connect with.  Unlike other social media platforms, once you tweet you cannot delete.

Jeremie McPeek, Vice President of Interactive Services for the Phoenix Suns,wanted to remind the audience that it is important how you market yourself or your company through Twitter. The Suns team has many players on the roster who tweet quite frequently. Sometimes these players may tweet something that does not positively reflect the image that the Phoenix Suns want. Large companies need to be mindful of this. Remind your employees that they represent more than themselves online. McPeek who is known as SunsWebmaster on Twitter, encourages you to carefully lead your followers to your website. Attract followers by having fun with your tweets. You don’t need to be all business all the time. As an example, the representatives for different NBA twitter accounts created a competition to see which team could reel in the most followers, with the winner being awarded the “Twophy of Twitter.”

Since there were so many influential speakers and attendees at the conference, I could write forever on everything I learned. Instead now I’m going to direct you to a couple of useful platforms I was introduced to that should help you better manage your Twitter accounts. These were all new to me.

Co-Tweet is a comprehensive business platform which allows multiple people to communicate through corporate Twitter accounts and stay in sync while doing so. It helps to keep employees on the same page and organized.

HootSuite is similar to Co-Tweet in letting you manage multiple account at once, and it also tracks your success on Twitter by showing you how many people have clicked on your tweet URLs.

Interested in all the other awesome platforms and sponsors that showed off their goods at this conference? Click on the following link for more official TWTRCON info.