The NHL Star Cam

I’m watching the Rangers/Capitals playoff game this afternoon (which is quite a fun game to watch), and on the bottom of the screen, they mention the NHL Star Cam.  Apparently, is offering a live stream that follows around the star player of the game, which for this game is clearly Alexander Ovechkin (when Ovechkin is off the ice, the camera follows a different star player).  If you visit during the game, you can play the stream right from the home page.

This is an interesting way to promote and market hockey.  Normally, teams and leagues are hesitant to focus their marketing around specific players.  This approach can backfire if a player is traded, gets hurt, or simply under-performs.  Also, most sports believe that marketing the team or the game itself is enough to generate interest from their fans and potential fans.  However, since the NHL has had some trouble generating as much public interest over the past couple of years, I like that they are trying new things.  In particularly, the league has two very marketable players in Crosby and Ovechkin, and they should find new ways to leverage these superstars wherever possible.  The star cam also offers a unique way of viewing the game that existing fans will appreciate.