Virtual Interns in Social Media and PR

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly over the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve realized that I am a strong believer in the power of using social media tools to engage your audience.  Dan Beeman from Sponsorship Insights Group also feels this way, and as such, he is looking for a couple of virtual interns to help in this area.  Here are links you can use to get to the intern job descriptions:

Here is a message from Dan about the positions and how to pursue them:

“I invite you, a potential intern, the opportunity to write your own job description.  As you know I am looking for smart, driven, proactive students to help grow my business and position as a thought-leader in the sponsorship and sports marketing arena.  You job may be to strategize on a revamp of my website, a build-out of the PR portion of the website, a contributing author to the blog, a business strategy person (analyzing and editing my business plan), a social media marketer or some other project that you create.  As you know, it is an unpaid internship. However, what I offer is a unique experience and great learning and networking opportunity in a unstructured, flexible environment.  You work from you home computer and set your own hours. Still interested? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Using the information I have just shared. Go to the website and find the existing job descriptions. Now write your own. It should include daily and weekly activities and an objective to complete as a project by the end of your internship
  2. Include minimum hours per week to work
  3. Have a beginning and end date of your internship
  4. Submit it via e-mail in a word document within two weeks
  5. Be creative and have fun with this project!”

This seems like a great opportunity for a current college student or recent graduate to get experience in this area.  So if you’re interested, follow the instruction in the job descriptions to contact Dan, and good luck!