Creative Tournament Inventory will have tens of millions of live streaming viewers during the first round of the NCAA tournament, and each year that number increases.  It doesn’t matter if people are at work or at home…they find a way to watch the games online.  Because so many people watch at work, usually against the wishes of their employer, that the viewer has a “boss button” that can be clicked to quickly bring up a fake spreadsheet.  Last year, that button was clicked 2.5 million times (

This brings me to the point of this post.  This year, the Boss Button has a sponsor…it is now the Comcast Boss Button.  This is brilliant! Who would think of sponsoring a button on a video player? I don’t know if the idea came from or from Comcast, but whoever thought of it should get a lot of credit.  Beyond just putting the Comcast logo on the button, when you click on it, the fake spreadsheet contains content on NCAA tournament history as well as the Comcast family pf products, further enhancing the value of the sponsorship by connecting the excitement of the tournament with their brand.

I hope everyone enjoys today’s games, and make sure you click on the “Comcast Boss Button” to see it for yourself!