Using Your Venue for a Good Cause, a website/blog dedicated to topics in stadium technology, is trying to organize a global blood drive.  Their goal is to get 50 stadiums to participate, which when you think about it, is not a very large number.  But if they get 50 venues and 250 donors per venue, that ends up being 12,500 blood donors, which is a great number! 

You can read more about the details of StadiaTech’s efforts by visiting their website here.  They provide a lot of details on the merits of donating blood, as well as information on how you can get your venue to participate (you can also reach them directly by sending an email to  Many locations do events like this once in a while, but coordinating in a larger level is a great idea to generate participation, interest, and public exposure.  I hope StadiaTech can reach their goal and then some!