Quality Partner Emails from the NFL

I recently went on a small rant regarding a partner email sent by a MLB team.  My argument has always been that any partner-related email efforts need to tie directly back to the sports brand and connect with the fan’s affinity for that team or league.  Along those lines, I’ve received two emails this week from the NFL that I felt did an excellent job in this area:

Vote for the Motorola Coach of the Year:

Vote for the FedEx Air and Ground Players of the Year:

Motorola has a clear connection to NFL coaches through their visible presence on the headsets used during the games.  Now they can take that connection online via a league email campaign to vote for the top coach.  It’s a consistent platform across different channels with a great connection to the NFL brand.  FedEx doesn’t have the same connection to the actual game as Motorola, but they found a creative way to associate their brand and two of their products (Express and Ground) with two key elements of the game (passing and running).  As a fan of the game, I am much more likely to engage with Motorola and FedEx via these types of email campaigns.