More From Kobe Bryant

First Kobe said he would make a great NFL wide receiver:  “I’d be a wide receiver. I’d be a bad (man) too. No more red zone issue…just throw it over the top. I’m Mossin’ it.”

Now he says that he could play left field for the Dodgers: “Put me in left field and I’d run it all down. I’m faster than Manny.”  He’d also bat third, of course: “I want the clutch situations. Put me in that pressure spot.”

What’s next…Kobe strapping on some skates and playing on the front line with Crosby or Ovechkin?  In all seriousness, through these quotes Kobe has created another opportunity to virally market himself.  Perhaps Nike could use these ideas as the basis for a new commercial along the lines of what LeBron James recently did with State Farm, where he announced he would play for the Cleveland Browns (you can watch that commercial below).  Besides LeBron, we’ve seen other one-sport crossover commercials that were well received – Vitamin Water’s commercials with Shaq, Ortiz and Urlacher come to mind.  Can’t you see a montage of Kobe playing and excelling in the different sports (football, baseball, maybe ping pong!) working well as a fun video campaign?  Kobe has definitely created the opportunity with his quotes!

One thought on “More From Kobe Bryant

  • January 30, 2009 at 11:51 am

    I think Kobe has done a remarkable job in maintaining his brand image and building on it after his allegations from years ago. Of course, his MVP quality play helps a lot in this respect, but it’s also been to a keen business sense from him and his “people.” The new viral ads around his shoes are awesome and comments like these are fun ways to get the fans talking. I think the way he made these claims to be good at the sports are more in a playful tone than a disrespectful one. Also, if you look at what he’s doing in China with the blog he’s going to start, he has the global mindset as well (he better with his jersey being number 1 in the biggest country in the world!) All in all, I used to not be a Kobe fan at all, but I think I’m starting to come around.

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