Obama and the Olympics

There was a great article in today’s LA Times about how Barack Obama’s election should help Chicago get the 2016 Olympic bid.  Normally I stay away from political topics (everyone has their own opinions), but the article makes some good points.  Obama clearly brings a lot of attention to Chicago, especially the wonderful scene at Grant Park last night.  The IOC can see how this would translate to an Olympic experience in the same locations.  Obama is also quite the sports fan – he could easily assist the city’s Olympic bid efforts, which would come off very impressively to the IOC.

The only thing about the article I don’t really like was the idea that a McCain win would have actually hurt Chicago’s chances.  Yes, McCain did challenge the IOC is 1998, but for good reason – that Olympic Games was overrun with bribery and corruption, and previous Games had a history of “questionable” ethics as well.  Either way, this is clearly not an issue since Obama won, and I do hope that the victory helps Chicago win the bid!